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Knitted Wear That Just Keeps on Giving

Updated: Mar 4, 2021


Its cardeee time and there is no doubt that this year has been all about cardigans. The fashion industry really shows its appreciation for knits of all sizes and colours but mainly highlights the flexibility of cardigans and their endless outfit combinations.

Cardigans are so easy to wear, combine and always give you the feel of extra cosy. Consider them even to spice up your casual basic T-shirt by adding a bold cardigan colour.

They will truly transform your entire look with the least effort and cost. What more, they are more than just a warming up layer, because cardigans are the true all year round staple which you can add on colder spring mornings, summer evenings out over your dress or your weekend autumn stroll in the park.

What we like about cardigans most is that they suit all body types and you can style them up in so many ways. Depending what style you prefer - boho, classic, laid back, chic or traditional. You can achieve any style with cardigans, depending even on your mood or occasion.


Wear yours off the shoulder, oversized, with buttons or without! For a statement look, Fuzzy cardigans are trending whether in plain colour or more bold colour. And so do the statement Bell Sleeves or 3D motives. None the less they will be your winning choice from now forever.

Black Long Knitted Women's Cardigan

Start off with your outfit that you would wear if it wasn’t chilly outside. Add a cardigan or a jumper, then add a belt if you want to compliment your silhouette. If it’s too cold for just a cardigan, add a jacket along with a scarf or a hat.


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