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Basics are our best friend

Updated: Mar 4, 2021


The last one year have been a very unique period of time for everybody. Within this time, even the way we dress have changed dramatically. Whether we work from home and living in our loungewear or online shopping more than ever before. On a positive side, we all had the time to reorder our wardrobes, get rid off clothes we hold on to until now, but never wear. On a negative side, many of us have been affected by financial cuts and difficulties so revamping ourwardrobes with expensive pieces is out of question. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here, we break down the power of basics which are essential to every wardrobe, how to style them up, save money and look the best you ever have.


So what do we mean by essential basics?

Think of a wardrobe collection of essential items that won’t go out of fashion over time and that can be combined with a statement or seasonal pieces.

Your solid basic foundation should include cosy sweaters and cardigans , where any size or length goes. In fact, longline cardigans are fashionable and practical and keep you warm and cosy most seasons.

Straight or classic jeans are an ultimate choice in your basic to wear selection as they never go out of fashion and so are skinny or slim trousers. When it comes to slim trousers make sure to choose a darker colour as it pairs easily with your more bold knit wear, T-shirts or jackets.

Another basic items certainly worth mentioning are leather jacket, plain skirts and dresses, plain top tanks and t-shirts, seasonal coat, good pair of sneakers, leopard print separates.

Now, no kidding, any leopard wear or accessory are the must haves. They basically go with everything and will take you from that casual to chic look in instance.

A leather jacket is a no-brainer either in the arsenal of basics. Not only you can wear them most of the seasons by layering up your daily wear, they too fit perfectly with your trousers, dresses or skirts and add that grunge look.

Now for the plain T-shirts or tank tops, it doesn't sound like an exciting item to have but trust me, plain T-shirts go all year round and can by styled with everything. They will cover your casual look and are easy to combine with your more colourful/busy pattern items. They don't have tobe boring. There is now a large array of T-shirts and tank tops with unique finish. Take this plain T-shirt with ruffle sleeves or neckline lace.

"One of the most overlooked items in people’s wardrobe is the basic t-shirt. There are so many to choose from and if you get it wrong, it won’t flatter and it won’t last. Quality, cut, fit and fabric can make or break a great tee. BUT if you get it right... you’ve made a friend for life!"

- Lindsay Barry @stylinguplondon



Quite certainly the best thing about the basic wear is the number of outfit combinations that allows you to combine for any season and occasion. If you anchor your basics in your wardrobe, you can then add accessories and seasonal trends and easily move from casual to chic just like that.

You will also be able able to match and mould every outfit because basics are a dynamic wear. What more, you will avoid those dreading moments "I have nothing to wear" - well, we all have been there right? As mentioned above, plain basics don't have to be boring. If you want to spice up your outfits choose a bold statement necklace, scarf, handbag and other accessories to combine with your basic wear.

While you are building your wardrobe always try to keep in mind clothes you already have. Before you go shopping check your wardrobe to find out what you really need and write a list so you don't get easily distracted by seasonal offers and discounts. This way you truly get what you need and avoid unnecessary surprises.