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The Elixir of the Amazon

Anti-Aging Facial Oil

The perfect combination of
Cacay and Maracuya oil for a luminous and renewed skin

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Amacay Anti-aging anti-wrinkle natural bio organic cacay facial women oil @laberintocollection.jpg
Amacay Women Anti-wrinkle hydrating organic facial cacay oil @laberintocollection.jpg

AMACAY: it is a dream come true, it is the perfect combination between Cacay oil and Maracuya, its scent is fresh, light. Does not leave the skin greasy and absorbs quickly with a dry effect. Ideal for all skin types. Include it in your beauty routine. You will no longer be able to live without it.

✔ Hydrates in depth


✔ Reduces wrinkles

✔ Brings luminosity to the skin

AMACAY: Rejuvenating Facial Gift Set

Gua Sha stone, Anti-Aging Face Oil and Lip Balm